Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is NOT a Film

I have not seen this (not a) film yet but the synopsis of it sounds fascinating. The director Jafar Panahi, at one time, made a film that his government deemed offensive propaganda against the Islamic Republic and he has been banned, for 20 years, from making films because of it. So This Is Not A Film is about his plans for another film.

I wanted to showcase the fact that his mind is free and although trapped in the confines of his own home politics won't stop him from creating.

I'm happy with the end result. I've been drawing on designers, illustrators and painters who have had an influence on me and this is my tip of the hat to René Magritte. I suppose the title helped to lead me in that direction ( his Treachery of Images painting has always made me smile) but I like to think I would have gotten there of my own accord.

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