Sunday, January 15, 2012

Make it so!

Well here we have a new poster I just finished for the next Expo screening in February. We will be presenting the best of the TNG movies Star Trek: First Contact.

On a side note, in June 2011 Jonathan Frakes was at the Expo and I got the opportunity to have my First Contact one sheet poster signed by him and I told him I thought his was the best film of the bunch. He gave me that roguish Riker smile (twinkle in the eye included) and said "I know". If it wasn't for the fact that it's Trek I would have labeled it an Empire Strikes Back kind of moment.

He was a real pleasure to meet by the by.


  1. INCREDIBLE ONE ! The poster is nice one. I liked your idea. THANKS! I am looking for similar poster for my room. Could you please help me in getting similar one ?
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  2. Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately I don't have any copies left of this poster. If you want me to make a print just let me know, there would be a charge for the print and the shipping.