Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cruel Story of Youth Part Deux

Well, I got censored. I totally understand why, the whole depiction of violence against women. I get it. The thing is the whole movie is about male domination/control over women. There is probably some political subtext that has flown high enough over my head to have achieved orbit, but I think my first poster is a more accurate representation of the explosive and violent nature of the film.

Anyway, enough with the sour grapes - here is the final version of the poster for Cruel Story of Youth for the Calgary Cinematheque. Like I said, I understand the hesitation so I, begrudgingly, changed the image to be a contrast of the main characters before and after, a kind of "that was then, this is now" approach. Click here for the original, I still think it's the stronger one.

I guess my next poster featuring four mop top lads with doll parts and raw meat will get censored too.

Oh well.

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