Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Cagary Expo Billboard Concepts

Click on the above images to get a better look.

I decided to develop some billboard concepts for this year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. There will be plenty of items (posters, flyers, ads, etc.) around the city that will speak to who is coming, so I wanted to focus on the experience that the visitors have when they go to this fantastic event. I wanted to keep the boards simple, make them memorable and tie them to the history of comics.

One thing that has always fascinated me are pulp magazines, their illustration style and their energy, and the fact that they were never just stories…they were AMAZING, THRILLING, FANTASTIC or ASTOUNDING stories. So I grabbed all of the adjective-based pulp covers I could find (there are still more but this is a good start) and I built this series of billboards. I did restrain myself, you will note that there were no exclamation marks used in the making of these billboards.

The jury is still out right now as to whether or not these will see the light of day. I hope they do. I think they are AMAZING billboards, if I say so myself. But I just couldn't wait to get them on my blog.

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