Monday, December 21, 2009

Coke: On Par...

Coke: On Par...

The ad was to appear in a golf publication. Coke wanted their brand properly represented but the ad didn't have to use Coke Red as a dominant element. I was given a sketch of what was wanted and then asked to come up with something else if I had the time.

I came up with this concept and I presented it, along with the client's requested piece, to the Account Coordinator who "didn't get it". They saw the bottle, they saw the golf course, they saw the sand trap but they still "didn't get it." They felt it looked a little too abstract. So the AC asked for other golf course shots.

I sent along what I could find and I fought for this one. I fought for it because I felt the idea was strong enough, and the angle of this photo (once properly manipulated to have a specific green shape) was the right angle to go with. The AC reluctantly agreed.

When the client saw it they loved it and it was published (it even ran again with another golf related headline).

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