Monday, October 22, 2012

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

My daughter and I made the drive up to Edmonton on Saturday morning for the first ever Edmonton Expo and we both had a really great time.

As far as I was concerned Lee Majors was the main man to see, I grew up on the Six Million Dollar Man (and The Fall Guy) . I remember my first trip to Universal Studios and I thought that the tram ride through the spinning ice tunnel from the Sasquatch episode was incredible. And I especially remember that my brothers and I had the whole set of action figures including the guy whose face could be replaced.

While standing in line waiting for the guests to show up my daughter decided to go off and look around which is fine because line-ups suck. I'm sure she had a better time because she was unencumbered by her old man and she got to see more of the show than I did. So after a long wait (no way to sugar coat it the wait was long, signings were supposed to start at 10 but they really started at 10:30/11).  Julie Newmar came out and she was so apologetic for the wait, she kept telling everyone how much she appreciated them and their patience, then she sat down, reached over the table top and pulled up the drape that covers the front of the table and did an impromptu can-can dance. She's still full of life and very colourful.

Then Mr Majors came out next and he is a super cool guy. I got up to his table with what looked liked a head in a bag - sidebar story, last year when I worked at Corbis as an art director we did a photoshoot of a "cross-generational-happy-family" putting together a rocket. The plan was to show a generational interest in the hobby but I thought it would be cool if there was some extra element like a helmet to indicate that maybe this was more than a hobby, maybe Grandpa broke the sound barrier or something. So the helmet was bought (by me) and rented (to Corbis) for the shoot and to tell the truth the shots with the helmet were the best images from the day. Anyway, flash forward a little over a year, and as you no doubt guessed I did not have a head in a bag, I had this helmet because I thought "who better to sign a test pilot helmet than Steve Austin himself" - so that is why I had a bag that looked like it had a head in it. Anyway, as he's signing the helmet I ask if I could possibly take a picture because I have to blog about how cool this is and he said "you're not supposed to, but if you sneak one now I won't say anything". Awesome!

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