Monday, July 2, 2012

Fett Noir #2: Night and the City

Lando's chance to shine my friend. What better place to set a noir film than the cloud city of Bespin.

I decided to start exploring other characters within the Star Wars universe, which is why Oola gets to have a substantial role in this flick, I mean Leia can't be in everything! And I wanted to keep Wedge on as the director for this project. He strikes me as an Alfred Hitchcock kind of guy, someone who directs the film, makes a brief cameo, then lets everyone else get back to work telling the story. I always liked Wedge. He never took center stage, but he was always there when you needed him.


By the way: This poster, along with my other three Fett Noir creations, has been made into a limited edition print (limited to 250 numbered copies), now available on my newly created Etsy store (, and I have a discount on shipping if you order all four (just give me a shout and I'll pass along the top secret code)

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