Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My latest poster design for the Calgary Cinematheque is for the movie Solaris, by Andrei Tarkovsky. A fascinating film that starts off a little slow but it does hook you. I've linked to the IMDB page so I won't bore you with the plot details, but I will say it uses science fiction to full effect, much like  2001: A Space Odyssey did before it, making it worth seeing and talking about.

I had been tempted to watch it for a number of years (the local library has several copies of the Criterion Collection version) but until I worked on the poster I didn't see it – I think it was the Russian subtitles that may have given me pause, but that's probably just an excuse. I had watched the George Clooney version, directed by Steven Soderbergh (I've been a fan of his since Kafka), and found it to be an outstanding movie. It doesn't have the trappings of a lot of contemporary science fiction, but I liked it anyway. It's a thought provoking film that will have you talking about it long after you've finished watching it.

I wanted the poster to have a sense of zero gravity, and a feeling of "things aren't as they seem".

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