Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Punch - Kick-Ass Contest: Hit Girl

John Straun ran a contest some time ago on his site Super Punch and all I can say is - this is why I need to practice on my illustrations.

I would have to say that John's contests have inspired me to break out of the rut I was in creatively. I'm one of those types who needed a reason to do something (it's a lame excuse but it's the only one I have). So whenever he would have a contest (and this started over a year ago when he had a nose art competition) I would enter, not because I wanted to win, but because it was fun to do.

To tell the truth I forgot how much fun it is to just pick up a pencil and draw. For the most part, when I do something for John's contests, I like to use traditional methods (watercolour, pencil, etc). Although I did go digital for the Knight of Wands piece I did for his Tarot Card project but that was because I wanted to create something that looked like an airport information card.

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